Demo Version

Here you get a free Version of our CONCEPT-II software for download. The software is limited to 1000 patches und 30 wires.

Please find below:

  • Download-Link (2019-10-11): CONCEPT-II-12.0 Demo Version
  • Installation: PDF
  • CONCEPT-II manual: PDF
  • Demo-Example 1: Wire loop PDF
  • Demo-Example 2: Monopole antenna on finite ground plate PDF
  • Demo-Example 3: Cavity with aperture and internal dipole antenna PDF
  • Demo-Example 4: Dielectric sphere with field excitation PDF

Graphical user interface with data according to example 3 (Source: TET, TUHH).

CONCEPT-II is combined work according to the LGPLv3 conditions.

  • Qt source code download
  • Instruction for relinking to a modified version of Qt PDF

(Source Wikipedia)

CONCEPT-II uses the HDF5 format for storing data.