November 24: Full day workshop on the fundamentals of vector network analysis at the Institute of Electromagnetic Theory provided by the company Anritsu as part of its TechTime VNA Tour. Students have the opportunity to extend both theoretical and hands-on knowledge in the field of high frequency measurement techniques. PDF

October 31: Invited talk at TUHH by Prof. Dr. Andrea Ferrero, IEEE Fellow and Distingushed Lecturer of the MTT Society, on “Multiport Vector Network Analyzers:  “From the Beginning to Modern Signal Integrity Applications”. Dr. Ferrero is a well known expert in the field of vector network analysis and professor for microwave instrumentation and measurement at the Politecnico di Torino, Italy. PDF

October 29 : Presentation by Prof. Schuster on “Gleichstrom, Wechselstrom, … grüner Strom: Ein kurze Geschichte des elektrischen Stromes und seiner Erzeugung” as part of the “Night of Knowledge” 2011 at TUHH.

October 7: Presentation of Prof. Schuster on “Mit elektromagnetischen Wellen durch Raum und Zeit” as part of a day of activities organized by “Technik für Jugendliche / Faszination Strom” and TUHH.

September 26.-28.: “Kleinheubacher Tagung” of the German Section of the “International Union of Radio Science (URSI)” in Miltenberg with more than 100 scientic talks on electromagnetic research. This year, Prof. Gronwald acts as the Technical Chair of this conference, while maintaining his usual commitment to URSI Commission E “Electromagnetic Environment and Interference”. Further Information


September 23: Institute outing in the LÜneburg Heath. The Lüneburg Heath is a beautiful nature reserve south of Hamburg.

June 1. & 29 : Prof. Gronwald and Prof. Schuster present the Electrical Engenieering program to interested students from local schools during the TUHH4YOU-days at TUHH.

May 19: Contribution of the Institute concerning “Common Mode Currents and Radiated Emissions from Differential Signals in Multi-Board Systems” to the workshop on “Modeling and Solution for Common Mode Noise on High-Speed Differential Channels” during the Asia-Pacific EMC Symposium 2011 on Jeju Island, South-Korea. PDF

April 29: Invited talk at TUHH by Dr. Bruce Archambeault, IBM Distinguished Engineer and IEEE Fellow, on “Electronic Band Gap Structures for High Speed Digital Systems” during his visit at the Institute of Electromagnetic Theory. Dr. Archambeault has been heading the IBM EMC Center of Competence since many years, is a member of the Board of Directors for the IEEE EMC Society and a past member of the Board of Directors of the Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society (ACES). He has published extensively in the field ofEMc and computational electromagnetics. PDF

March 25: Talk by Dr. Edward Pillai, Texas Instruments, Hannover, on “Design of Electro-Optical Interfaces at TI” at the Institute of Electromagnetic Theory. Dr. Pillai reported on the design of electro-optical systems including the design of laser drivers and transimpedance amplifiers to work with vendor transmit and receive optical sub-assemblies. A particular signal integrity challenge of his work is the control of reflections between laser river and laser diode which are affecting the optical transmitted eye.


December 17: Successful defense by M. Sc. Renato Rimolo-Donadio of his Ph.D. thesis “Development, Validation and Application of Semi-Analytical Interconnect Models for Efficient Simulation of Multilayer Substrates”. PDF
December 13: Open house of the Institute of Electromagnetic Theory. First-hand information for students with regard to teaching and research in the areas of interest of the Institute.

December 7: Invited talk by Prof. Schuster on “Models for Signal and Power Integrity Analysis on Multilayer Substrates” during the workshop “Via Modeling and Return Path Discontinuity Issues in High-Speed Packages and Boards”, organized by Dr. Ivan Ndip, Fraunhofer IZM, at EDAPS (Electrical Design of Advanced Packaging and Systems Symposium) in Singaporo. EDAPS is sponsored by the IEEE Components Packaging and Manufacturing Society.

October 29: Invited talk at TUHH by Prof. Dr. Giulio Antonini (University of L’Aquila, Italy) on “Spectral Methods for Time-Domain Analysis of High-Speed Interconnects” during his visit at the Institute of Electromagnetic Theory. Prof. Antonini is a well known expert in the field of multiconductor transmission line analysis. He visited TUHH during his time as Distingushed Lecturer of the IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Society.

24. September: Institute outing to Lüneburg. Lüneburg is a wonderfull small town in the south of Hamburg.

July 8: Inaugural lecture by Prof. Frank Gronwald on “…und wir wünschen Ihnen einen elektromagnetisch verträglichen Flug: Vorgehensweisen und Perspektiven der Elektromagnetischen Verträglichkeit für die Sicherheit von Luftfahrzeugen”. Prof. Gronwald represents topic of electromagnetic compatibility at TUHH since April 2010

June 12: Presentation of Prof. Schuster in collaboration with Prof. Rohling from the Institute of Telecommunications on “Mit elektromagnetischen Wellen durch Raum und Zeit”, a lecture part of the series “Technik für Jugendliche / Faszination Strom” of TUHH. PDF

May 14: Invited talk at TUHH by Prof. Dr. Madhavan Swaminathan (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA) on “Going Vertical: From More than Moore to Even Mo(o)re” during his visit at the Institute of Electromagnetic Theory. Prof. Swaminathan is the Director of the Interconnect and Packaging Center at the Georgia Institute of Technology, an IEEE Fellow, founder of two spin-off companies, and author or co-author of more than 300 scientific publications in the field of microsystems packaging. PDF