Teaching at TU Hamburg 2021/22 is predominantly face-to-face. Hybrid and digital formats and courses are still possible. Changes, depending on the current pandemic situation are possible.

The following courses will be held in attendance:

  • Theoretical Electrical Engineering II Lecture & Exercise (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday)
  • Electromagnetics for Engineers II Lecture & Exercise
  • Bioelectromagnetics Exercise
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility II practical course
  • Seminar on Electromagnetic Compatibility and Electrical Power System

In the coming semester, the 3Grule (vaccinated, recovered, tested) apllies for participation in course and examination in attendance.

The following course will take place online using the conferencing system zoom:

  • Bioelectromagnetics Lecture
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility II Lecture & Exercise
  • Theoretical Electrical Engineering II Exercise (Wednesday)

The times for the courses can be found at Stud.IP and the campus mangement TUHH TUNE.

(Source: TET, TUHH)