March 26: Distinguished Speaker Seminar by Prof. Christian Schuster at the Center for Co-design of Chip, Package, System during his research scholarship at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA, on the topic of “Update on Signal and Power Integrity Research in Electromagnetic Compatibility”.
March 08: Farewell of Dr.-Ing.David Dahl. He worked at our Institute of Electromagnetic Theory as Scientific Staff since 01.10.2012.
February 28: Farewell to Allan Carmona-Cruz und Joanthan Cedeno-Chaves, academic guests from Costa Rica Institute of Technology (TEC), San Jose, Costa Rica.
February 8: Farewell of Prof. Renato Rimolo-Donadio, Costa Rica Institute of Technology (TEC), San Jose, Costa Rica, after a week-long research stay at the Institute of Electromagnetic Theory.
February 7: Kick-off meeting of the executive committee and active volunteers of the IEEE German EMC Chapters at the Institute of Electromagnetic Theory. From left to right: Christian Schuster, David Hamann, Mathias Magdowski, Susanne Kaule, Robert Kebel, Johanna Kasper, Matthias Tröscher, Jens Werner und Stefan Dickmann.

February 1: Farewell party of Dr.-Ing. Heinz-Dietrich Brüns as senior engineer of the Institute of Electromagnetic Theory and “father” of the CONCEPT-II software tool for numerical field simulation.
January 18: Full day workshop on the fundamentals of microwave measurement techniques at the Institute of Electromagnetic Theory provided by the company Rohde & Schwarz. Students have the opportunity to learn more about oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, and vector network analyzers both from a theoretical perspective as well as hands-on approach. PDF


21. Dezember: Open house of the Institute of Electromagnetic Theory. First-hand information for students with regard to teaching and research in the areas of interest of the Institute .
December 12: Invited talk at TUHH by Dr. Christian Karch, Airbus Expert Electromagnetic Design & Lightning Effects, on the topic of „Lightning Protection of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastics – An Overview”. PDF
November 27: Invited talk by Prof. Schuster at the Bosch Corporate Research Colloquium on EMC in Renningen near Stuttgart on the topic of “Signal and Power Integrity for High Speed Serial Links”.
November 23: Invited talk at TUHH by Dr.En-Xiao-Liu, Deputy Department Director& Senior Scientist Institute of High Perfomance Computing (IHPC), Singapore, within the IEEE Distinguished Lecturer program of the IEEE EMC Society on the topic of „EMC of Nano-composite Laminate Material for Aeronautic Application followed by 3D Integrated Circuits and EMC”. PDF
October 29: Farewell to Woocheon Park, academic guest and graduate student from Ajou University, Korea.
October 15: Successful defense by M. Sc. Torsten Reuschel of his Ph.D.thesis “Combined Assessment of Interconnect and Equalization in Data Links on Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards”.
September 14: Farewell to Zhongkui Wen, academic guest and graduate student from Beihang University, Beijing, China.
September 7: Prof. Schuster as Speaker of Deans of TUHH welcomes a vistor delegation of the National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) from Hsinchu, Taiwain. Pictured here Prof. Ta-Jen Yen, Vice President for Global Affairs.
31. August: Company outing. Sporty canoe trip on the Alster. In teams of 5 and 4 canoes, we paddled through small canals towards the Alster and discovered beautiful gardens and enjoyed the nature. Our guests Mr. Dr.- Ing. Miroslav Kotzev and Mr. Cheng Yang were also part of the trip. At the end of the day we relaxed in the Café Bobby Reich enyoing the impressive view over the Außenalster.

July 12: Farwell of Heike Herder. She was Secretary at the institute for 10 Years.
July 12: Sommer party at the Institute of Electromagnetic Theory.
At the picture to see two former secretaries (Ms Herder & Ms Rischkau) with the new one ( Ms Usta).
June 22: Full-day workshop by CST at the Institut of Electromagnetic Theory for students of TUHH. PDF
May 28: As birthday cake Katharina Scharff created a printed circuit board. Now she is the “most creative staff member” in the Institute of Electromagnetic Theory.
February 14 : Dr. Lei Wang, China, starts his two year research fellowship at the Institute of Electromagnetic Theory supported by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. Prof. Schuster welcome him at the institute.
January 22: Last presentation befor farewell of José Enrique Hernández Bonilla. He was an academic guest from Costa Rica Institute of Technology (Instituto Tecnologico de Costa Rica, ITCR) for 3 month.