Microwave Measurements and Components

Design of Passive Microwave Components on Multilayered Printed Circuit Boards Using Functional Vias

Ph.D. Thesis Andreas Hardock. 01.01.2011 – 31.03.2015

This thesis deals with the design of passive microwave components such as filters, couplers and matching networks using functional vias (plated through holes) on multilayered printed circuit boards. For this purpose, the otherwise parasitic wave effects associated with vias are carefully analyzed and used functionally. The design of the components was performed on theoretical and simulation level. Scattering parameters measurements up to 35 GHz are used for validation purposes. The designs are compared to common microwave components based on microstriplines. Advantages and disadvantages with regard to electric performance and area requirements are discussed.


Multilayer subsrate simulator developed at the the Institute of Electromagnetic Theory. (Source: TET, TUHH).


Top-view of a via coupler designed on a 8-layer PCB. (Source: TET, TUHH).

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Probing and Fixturing Techniques for Wideband Multiport Measurements in Digital Packaging

Ph. D. Thesis Miroslav Kotzev. 01.10.2007 – 29.02.2013

This thesis deals with test signal probing and fixturing techniques for wideband multiport measurements in digital packaging in the frequency range from a few MHz to 50 GHz. Three different signal launch techniques are investigated in time and frequency domains. At first, the performance of the coaxial surface mounted connector launch is explored in case of crosstalk measurements in a backplane connector via pin field. In the next step the recessed probe launche technique is briefly presented. After that the main focus is on the results obtained in recent investigations with respect to the launch calibration, application to measurements of embedded mulitlayer structures and modifications to improve the launch bandwidth. Finally, the concept of a novel multiport probing fixture is presented and its electrical performance explored. Using a simple two-tier calibration procedure, the effect of the probing fixture on measurements of dense via array structures is reduced and the results obtained are validated with microprobe based measurements. Based on 3D full-wave electromagnetic modeling, suggestions for layout optimization are made which will be needed to extend the applicability of these techniques to data rates of 20 Gbit/s and beyond.

TUHH Universitätsbibliothek. TUBDok Link:


12-port vector network analyzer from Agilent Technologies connected to backplane connector test vehicle (courtesy of IBM Development Böblingen,Germany)(Source: TET, TUHH).


Multiport probing measurement setup for investigations in dense via structures applying commercial microprobes and micropositioners (Source: TET, TUHH).

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