Completed Projects

Numerical Methods for Computation of Electromagnetic Fields and Electrical Circuits

  • Extending the Possibilities of the Linear Network Solver CONCIRC
  • Extension of the Contour Integral Method for Stochastic Modeling of Waveguiding Structures
  • Validation of Numerical Methods Using a Comparative Analysis of Canonical Electromagnetic Problems
  • MoM-Based Computation of Multiconductor Transmission Line Per-Unit-Length Parameters
  • Implementation of a Linear Network Solver
  • Fast Direct H-Matrix Solvers for Computational Electromagnetics
  • Extension of the Contour Integral Method for the Electrical Design of Planar Structures in Digital System
  • A Contribution to the PEEC-Method and its Hybridisation with the Method of Moments
  • Methods for Fast Solution of Large Systems of Equations in the Method of Moments

Signal and Power Integrity (SI/PI)

  • Electromagnetic Modeling and Optimization of Through Silicon Vias
  • Software-Benchmarking for Signal and Power Integrity Applications
  • 50+ Gbps High Speed Serial Link Design for Digital Systems
  • Via Array Modeling for Application in Fast, Energy-Efficient Digital Systems
  • Exploration of Power Supply Noise Effects on Maximum Data Rates of High Speed Digital Links in Advanced Server Systems
  • Development, Validation and Application of Semi-Analytical Interconnect Models for Efficient Simulation of Multilayer Substrates

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) of Electronic Systems

  • EMC of Complex Systems
  • HIRF Protection Using Energy Selective Diode Arrays
  • Analysis of Electromagnetic Interference in Server Casings
  • Application of the Characteristic Mode Analysis to Antenna Design and Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • Accurate and Efficient Algorithms in the Method of Moments for the Analysis of High Intensity Radiated Field Coupling into Aircraft
  • Development of a Full-Wave Module for the High Intensity Radiated Field (HIRF) Synthetic Environment

Bioelectromagnetics and Field Design for Medical Imaging

  • Extension of CONCEPT-II for the Efficient Modeling of Various Types of Coils
  • Characterization of Transmit-Receive Antennas for Magnetic Resonance Imaging via Moment Method and Volume Segmentation

Microwave Measurement Techniques and Components

  • Design of Passive Microwave Components on Multilayered Printed Circuit Boards Using Functional Vias
  • Probing and Fixturing Techniques for Wideband Multiport Measurements in Digital Packaging


Electric fields calculated in a populated PC system: a metallic enclosure of dimensions (20x20x10 cm) contains a Mini-ITX mainboard with attached RAM modules and a CPU/heatsink configuration. In the depicted field distribution (8GHz), a monopole antenna is used to represent the RF excitation of the CPU. At these frequencies, 100000 unknowns are required to discretize the surface current distribution. The numerical calculation could be performed in less than an hour on four cores – including the evaluation of the electric fields at more than one million observation points. (Source: TET, TUHH)