Electrical Engineering for Mathematicians

Electrical Engineering for Mahtematicians

Dr. Heinz-D. Brüns, Winter and Summer Term, in German

The fundamental theories, relations, and methods of electric and magnetic field computation and linear network theory are essential for any understanding of the electrical engineering discipline. In this special course for mathematicians these subjects will be studied during two consecutive terms.

The students learn how to apply the basic laws of electromagnetism to electric and magnetic field computation. They are able to relate the various field quantities to each other. The studens are able to calculate resistances, capacitances, and inductances of simple configurations. The students know how to apply network theory to calculate the currents and voltages of linear networks and how to design simple circuits. Students are able to solve specific problems, alone or in a group, and to present the results accordingly. Students can explain concepts and, on the basis of examples and exercises, verify and deepen their understanding.

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