Interconnects at 50-100 Gbps

Interconnects at 50-100 Gbps

The aim of the project is the study of digital links with data rates of 50 Gbps and higher.

Data rates of digital links are increasing constantly. This gives rise to effects that complicate error free signal propagation and sometimes render it impossible. Crosstalk occurs due to small distances between transmission lines. Furthermore, discontinuities lead to reflections, which interfere with the signal.

The goal is the characterization and the design of interconnects that allow for high data rates. By using different line codings signals with lower bandwidths are generated which makes them less sensitive to high-frequency disturbances. For the evaluation of the signal integrity tools that were developed at the institute and allow for a fast generation of eye diagrams are used as well as several commercial tools.

Funding: Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg
Contact: Katharina Scharff, M.Sc.

Data flow

Data flow and concurrence of tools used in this study. Random jitter (RJ), sinusoidal jitter
(SJ), as well as duty cycle distortion (DCD) are added as part of the transmitter as indicated.
Furthermore, a voltage swing of 1V and a slew rate of 44 ps applies. Source: TET, TUHH

Eye diagram

Eye diagram of a 4-level pulse amplitude modulation (PAM4). Source: TET, TUHH